How to make Internatonal food Chicken Seekh Kabab Recipe

Instructions to make international food Chicken Seekh Kabab Recipe – The nuts and masala tie the keema, so don’t stress over the kabab separating while cooking… simply make them with certainty.
International food chicken Seekh Kabab is the variety of standard seekh kababs which are made utilizing hamburger. This formula lets you know how to make seekh kabab with chicken meat. With the same grill strategy, you will appreciate an alternate taste of chicken furthermore seekh kebabs.

you an immaculate chicken kebab. The cooking rigging is same, the grill hardware with coal yet fixings are distinctive. In general seekh kabab, you utilize hamburger meat and flavors as needs be however for chicken kabab, there are diverse fixings with various flavors.

You more likely than not eaten chicken in numerous formulas yet you may have not eaten numerous. This formula is a perfect method for getting a charge out of the delightful white meat with paratha, raita and chutney. Take in the formula and appreciate.


1) Chicken, minced 1 kg


2) Eggs 2


3) Cumin (Jeera) gunpowder 1 tbsp

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4) Yellow Chili gunpowder 1 tsp

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5) White pepper gunpowder 1 tsp

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6) Salt to taste


7) Vegetable Oil 4 tsp

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8) Cashew nuts(impounded) 4 tbsp

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9) Ginger(delicately clung) 2 tbsp

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10) Onions(shredded) 4 tsp

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11) Green Coriander(chopped)5 tbsp

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12) Garam masala 1 tsp

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13) Oil for handling

14) Butter for sweeping


Chicken Seekh Kebab Method/Tarika:

  1. whip the eggs, include cumin gunpowder, yellow stew gunpowder, white pepper gunpowder, salt, and oil.
  1. Add to the soften and blend well. Keep aside for 10 minutes.
  1. Include cashew nuts, ginger, onions, green coriander, and garam masala.
  1. Blend well. Separate into 10 square with parts.
  1. With wet hands, wrap two parts along every stick.
  1. Keep 2 inch between every part. Plan 5 sticks this way.
  1. Broil in a tolerably hot tandoor or charcoal flame broil for around 6 minutes until brilliant chestnut in shading, or dish in a preheated broiler at 150°C (300°F) for 8 minutes, seasoning with oil just once.
  1. Expel from sticks and brush with margarine.
  1. Serve hot, decorated with onion rings and lemon wedges.

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