Fruit And Jello Salad


Fruit And Jello Salad

It’s hard to find an easy dessert that will please the whole family. Fruit and Jello salad is a great dessert. Its fun, easy to make, and both kids and adults enjoy them it. This is a quick delicious side dish that is popular with all ages, children especially like it because it contains Jello and fruit. Find delicious Fruit And Jello Salad recipe.


– 3 cups fruit cocktail or desired fruits
– 2 cups jello cubes (flavors of your choice)
– 2 cups yogurt Strawberry or desired flavor
– 1/2 cup All Purpose Cream, whipped
– 1/2 cup Cornflakes cereal


1- Combine whipped All Purpose Cream with strawberry Yogurt in a bowl. Mix with chopped fresh fruits and set aside to chill.
2- Prepare flavored Jello. When set, cut into cubes.
3- In single serving glasses or bowl, place around 1/2 cup of different flavored Jello cubes. Top with the fruit and yogurt mixture and garnish with crushed Cornflakes upon serving if you like.

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