Face Whitening Beauty tips


Face Whitening Beauty tips

You cannot change the colour of the skin you are born with, unless you go for full skin transplantation. But you can make it more glowing and youthful from inside with simple home remedies. To you help in this journey here are few easy and effective face whitening beauty tips that will in turn help you get that beautiful youthful skin.

1. Vitamin C intake in the form of juices like orange juice/ mausambi juice or even a cup of water in the morning with 1tspn of squeezed lime or lemon and half a teaspoon of honey is great to start your day with.

2. Vitamin A should be an important part of your diet. To tighten and brighten the complexion you need to include non-fat milk, egg yolks and shell fishes in your diet. You should also have foods like carrots, watermelons and ripe papaya which are coloured. The beta carotene in these is what you should include in your diet.

3. Exposure to the sun should be lessened. Wear a cap or hat or take an umbrella when it’s too hot outside. Use a UVA and UVB sunscreen, at least 20minutes before stepping out into the sun.

4. Scrub the whole body with some natural scrubber or a mixture of sugar and honey, it works real well. Grind sugar and massage till it dissolves. Dissolved sugar works like a stop watch to show that you’ve massaged and scrubbed your skin till it’s required to. Everyday exfoliation doesn’t need to be vigorous or for lengthy time period. 3-5 minutes is good enough.

5. Regular exercise is recommended for people who don’t have an active lifestyle, like housewives.

6. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water is essential for a hydrated and toxin free body.

7. Sometimes (at least once a month) hire someone or ask someone you are comfortable with to scrub your body with castor oil or olive oil, and fat sugar granules(not the granulated ones that you use every day).

8. If you are someone who doesn’t want to go in for chemical peels, then use some natural peel off masks. You can also use bleach that suits your skin. There are a number of bleaches available these days in the market. Invest in a good brand.

These homemade beauty tips for face whitening should definitely help you brighten the complexion of your skin.

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