Chicken Paratha Roll


Looking for a Quick and Easy Lunch recipe for your Family? Then you must try this easy and quick Chicken Paratha Roll recipe. This Chicken Paratha Roll recipe take less than 20 Minutes. Goes great with imli ki chutney or ketchup.


-500 gm boneless chicken
-One onion, sliced
-One cucumber, sliced
-One tsp black pepper
-One tsp garam masala powder
-One tsp zeera powder
-Half tsp ajinomoto
-One tbsp soya sauce
-One tbsp garlic paste
-One lemon, juiced
-Two tbsp vinegar
-butter as required
-4 parathay
-salt to taste

Cooking Method:

Take 1 tbsp vinegar, lemon juice, soya sauce and apply over the chicken.Marinate chicken overnight in the refrigerator.Melt butter in a pan. Add garlic paste and lightly stir fry for 30 seconds. Now Add marinated chicken, black pepper, garam masala powder, ajinomoto, and zeera powder. Cook and stir till chicken is tender. Dip onion and cucumber slices in the remaining vinegar. Set aside.
Fry parathas on hot pan. Put chicken, cucumber and onion mixture over the paratha. Roll it tightly. Chicken Paratha Roll is ready to serve. Serve hot with ketchup and enjoy the delicious recipe with your family.

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