Cat eye makeup step by step at home


Cat eye makeup

Cat eye makeup is a corrective used to characterize the eyes. It is connected around the shapes of. Cat eye makeup is normally utilized as a part of a day by day makeup routine to characterize the eye or make the look of a more extensive or littler eye.

Steps For Cat eye makeup


1. Make A BASE

Apply eye shadow utilizing Eye Studio Color Plush Palette. Make a base with the lightest shading mixing from the lash line to the temporal bone. Apply the second shade specifically on the eyelid. Presently, apply the brightest shade of the palette to the external edge of the top for a completing highlight. At last, utilize the darkest shading along the lash line to make the definition.


2. Characterize the eye

Apply liner with Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner. Start with the inward corner of the eye. Edge the pen and apply with little sensitive strokes for the most slender line conceivable. When you achieve the end of the eye, make a tail by flaring your line out and upwards. This line can be as long or wide as you prefer for expanded dramatization.



Apply Cat Eyes Mascara in Glam Black for included  , meaning of the lash line. Start at the base of lashes and twist the brush outwards for most extreme volume.


4. Present to ON THE SHINE

Apply Color Sensational High Shine Gloss in Mirrored Mauve for a high sparkle wrap up.


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